My name is Tim Davies and I have been into punk since the late 70s. I have tried my hand at quite a few things in the punk scene including being a punk DJ, singer/songwriter, promoting gigs myself and running this website.
I have always supported the many lesser known bands out there and think the selfish, self centred ways displayed by a lot of the bands from the original punk era leave a lot to be desired.
This website is devoted to the bands who play because they love the music and aren't in it purely for the money. Many of these bands travel many miles to play in front of a handful of fans and their payment, if they get anything at all generally doesn't even cover the cost of getting to the venue. These bands will always get my support.
There are still a few promoters out there who put on gigs without being motivated by money. My good friend OMD has done a lot to help lesser known bands and you should check out some of the great gigs he promotes.